What is the Global Commons Alliance and who is in it?
What are the principles that drive us?
Facilitating communication between those in need and those with appropriate resources.

What are the principles that drive us?

Public-Private Partnerships...
...to broker partnerships that provide sustainable solutions to global need.

Rationale: Massive interest in PPPs is driven by private sector investments in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. The Global Commons Alliance is designed to maximise the value and quality of exchanges that take place between the public and private sectors in finding sustainable answers to global need.

Best Practice...
...to build on best practices to improve the effectiveness of partnership initiatives across sectors. Rationale: Strategic initiatives contribute to improved outcomes in the battle against world need. Well intended but misguided actions can bring harm to those we seek to help. The Global Commons Alliance takes very seriously the need to exercise best practices in the connections we facilitate.

...to reduce the duplication and fragmentation of online matching tools between for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Rationale: One reason stakeholders have trouble connecting with each other is the redundancy and proliferation of online tools designed to streamline operations. The Global Commons Alliance invites stakeholders to network their online matching programs in a virtual marketplace where requests and offers of assistance reach the widest possible audience.

...to avoid a competitive stance in order to marshal resources appropriately.

Rationale: While competition is of value in certain theatres of life, it is counter-productive in the battle against poverty. Valuable resources not needed in one place should be made available to those in another. This is possible only if we work collaboratively.
Information Technology Development...
...to use the ever-increasing reach of information technology to link potential collaborators and integrate the online matching process across organisations so information about unmet needs and available resources can be readily shared.

Rationale: While we use different technologies in our various organisations, we have resolved to find ways to integrate our efforts while preserving our respective identities and missions, so that information about needs and resources can be readily transferred.

...to develop the P4 Protocol software on an open source basis so that systems will be consistent and best facilitate the passing on of unmatched resources, offers and needs.

Rationale: Imagine that, in the aftermath of a disaster, the supply pipelines to aid workers on the ground are filled. Further offers of engagement may go to waste. Alternatively, if IT software systems being used were compatible, these offers could be re-directed to another location where they may be urgently needed. This is the IT solution that the Global Commons Alliance is building -- a protocol that can be downloaded at any time, and adapted by any IT developers involved in an online matching program. It will be open source, so there would be no costs to the users.

Continuum of Need...
...to serve relief and development organisations at any point along the continuum of global need.

Rationale: Certain resources might be better used in a disaster scenario than a development one, or vice versa. For that reason, the Global Commons Alliance includes organisations that have programmes in both humanitarian response and development assistance.

...to serve both short-term and long-term relief operations with a technology solution that can match identified needs with appropriate offers of aid. This would include the ability to pre-position and deliver aid; track the exchange process as it happens; and follow the development of strategic partnerships offering longer-term solutions to global need.

Rationale: For some scenarios, a brief encounter may suffice. For others, longer partnerships are far more suitable, allowing sustainable development strategies to be planned and executed.

...The capacity to open and broaden the GCA network to other organisations that facilitate the delivery of aid.

Rationale: This is not an exclusive community. Our goal, consistent with the above principles, is to link organisations or networks that share commons goals.

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