What is the Global Commons Alliance and who is in it?
What are the principles that drive us?
Facilitating communication between those in need and those with appropriate resources.

The Global Commons Alliance is pursuing the following goals.

Mapping and facilitating communication between organisations serving people in need around the world with appropriate resources.
This remains our primary goal in the fight against poverty and the empowerment of those seeking sustainable solutions to global need.

Developing open source IT software to facilitate partnerships.
Developing standards, both process and IT protocol in nature, to facilitate even partnering among corporations, among NGOs and other entities around the globe.

In seeking to address global need, numerous parties are using (or need) software-based tools that can help connect available resources with current needs. The development of multiple, stand-alone systems, however, ultimately reduces the number of matches that can be made.
Global Hand, on behalf of the GCA is now developing a common framework that will support interoperable communications between the for-profit and non-profit sectors and among non-profit organisations. Analogous frameworks, such as RosettaNet, exist in the commercial sector.

This common framework for web-based transactions will positively impact a range of global needs. It is intended to be used by any organisation that uses an electronic system for gathering, aggregating, matching or otherwise handling offers or requests in a humanitarian context.

To participate in the development of the P4 protocol, or receive updates on its progress, please e-mail P4@globalcommonsalliance.org.

Developing a matching application for the United Nations.
Global Hand has developed this system, on behalf of the Global Commons Alliance, to help “match” private sector offers with relevant United Nations agencies. If offers of engagement or aid are not matched within the United Nations, these are passed on to the GCA, should the private sector organisation be willing.

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